Wednesday, December 29, 2010

FDsys: GPO’s Official System of Record

GPO is pleased to announce several new accomplishments regarding its Federal Digital System (FDsys). As of December 20, 2010, FDsys has become GPO’s official system of record for online Government information. This new phase is characterized by a fully stood-up and implemented system foundation with failover and is accompanied by a brand new logo, FDsys tag line, and a re-designed, more user-friendly interface. Visit FDsys, and access “America’s Authentic Government Information” .

December 20, 2010 also begins the countdown to the sunset of GPO Access. For the next several months, GPO Access will continue to be updated in parallel with FDsys, and in mid-2011, GPO Access will be officially retired.

Stay tuned to FDLP-L and the FDLP Desktop for upcoming information about the sunset of GPO Access and the upcoming availability of new FDsys brochures and promotional items!

To learn more about FDsys, visit the FDsys About page. More information on the GPO Access transition, is available here.


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