Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Final Library Survey Results

The final results of the Depository Library survey have been posted to the FDsys Web site here. In addition to the results, GPO has identified the following next steps:
  1. Definitions and clarifications of terms used in the survey that respondents indicated were confusing will be posted by October 21, 2005 to the Library Survey Results page on the FDsys Web site.
  2. The survey results indicated areas of interest most important to the library community. Additional interaction with GPO’s library partners is required to validate these findings. GPO will use library focus groups and other means including face-to-face meetings, conference calls, and web conferencing to obtain this input. This initiative will begin in late October 2005.
  3. Feedback from library partners is highly encouraged. All appropriate questions and comments submitted to the FDsys blog (http://fdsys.blogspot.com/) or the Office of Innovation and New Technology’s e-mail address (int@gpo.gov) will be promptly answered. INT will also make questions and answers to frequently asked questions available on the FDsys blog.

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